• evil characters in states of submission/weakness
  • evil characters momentary feeling things about the people they love
  • evil characters scared or hurt
  • evil characters making a friend or falling in love
  • evil characters being put in positions where they are delicate and sensitive for a short period
  • but their core personality isn’t changed 
  • and they are still evil

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Inactivity Imminent - Losing the Battle


I never post this sort of thing on my rp accounts, but seeing as I have the most followers on this account, am going to be posting it here. 

This is Plato. 


Or, rather, this was Plato. Happy face? Cute? I thought so, too. I bought him a few days ago from a breeder who gave to me his shot record and assured me he was protected and that she and her boyfriend had been reputable in their training and breeding of animals. However, it never occurred to me that I was being lied to. Not only did she lie about his age, which she told me that at twenty five lbs he was eight weeks old (The vet says he’s much closer to four months), but Plato, unfortunately, also has a much bigger problem. 


This is Plato, now.

Plato was diagnosed last night at 6 PM with a severe stage of the Parvovirus. I caught him throwing up and excreting water and took him to an emergency vet clinic. Since the day I got him, he’s lost almost seven lbs from not eating and cannot take in solid or liquid foods. He has to undergo expensive IV treatments and fluid therapy every night that have rounded up to almost three hundred dollars. Per Night. This includes his nightly diagnostics. As you can imagine, this is hurting me very badly financially. However, I refuse to let this animal die.


This is a photo of our vet bill. I’ve blocked out contact and personal information for obvious reasons. 

The parvo virus is a viral infection that can be treated, but cannot be cured with an antibiotic. It must be fought off by the dog’s immune system. Only 30% of puppies survive. Think of it as the world’s worst stomach influenza virus. It makes you throw up and makes you have diarrhea, it makes the dog bleed into their excrement. It dehydrates them. It sucks all the water out of their body and kills them. It’s a terrible, terrible way to die.  

He is on fluid treatments again and will be going back to the Emergency Vet tonight at 6 PM for another IV. He has a very slim chance of survival, but I will not give up on him

Now that you understand my situation, I hope you understand that I will be very, very busy. I require your support and would be happy for those of you who want to check in with Plato to make sure he is okay. 

I am prepared for the worst, and in the event that I am unable to succeed with the treatment plan I can just barely afford, I will bring him home to hold him in my arms until the end. 

Please give me your thoughts. No- give him your thoughts. Thoughts, prayers, happy energy. Whatever you want to call it. He needs you, too. 

I am attempting to contact the other buyers of the woman who sold me this animal, as she will not respond to my attempts to contact her. If you or any of your friends live in the Conroe, TX / Liberty, TX area and have purchased a great dane puppy in that area, 

I would appreciate you spreading this to let people know the dangers of Parvovirus and also to spread this information to potential buyers from this breeder during this year’s Parvovirus Season. 

Thanks for reading. 



"Going around" takes a lifetime


"Going around" takes a lifetime


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Reblog if people say you don’t look your age.

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小喬まみれ3 by めこぬ


小喬まみれ3 by めこぬ

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